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Remote Controlled Light Kits  
Light Up That Bike!  

          Remote Controlled LED Lighting Kits

Customize your bike with LED Accent lighting.
Be more noticeable  in the dark.
Our remote controlled lighting systems will enable your lights to control brightness levels, flash/strobe, and fade in and out.
Great for Bike Shows or Events.

Colors available are: Orange, Red, Cool White, Green, Blue & Amber

We have some of the lowest pricing on the internet.

Custom installations in the Greater Cincinnati area:
       Call (513) 405-2835

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 We supply only quality automotive & motorcycle lighting
(these LEDs are good for quadrunners, golf carts, dirt-track cars, trucks, monster trucks, semi-trailer trucks, tour buses, boats, band wagons etc... etc... ] anything with a 12V battery)
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