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 Dan Owens, owner and sole proprietor  (513) 405-2835 
  Evening Illusions was founded by Dan Owens.  Most people in the motorcycle community know him as "Danno", who is celebrating his 14th year as
a Master Installer.

Danno was an installer on the East Coast Circuit for 7 years, before opening Evening Illusions, in the Cincinnati Ohio area―his hometown.

And, you might have seen him at biker events like:
  • Daytona Bike Week
  • Myrtle Beach Bike Week
  • North Coast Thunder Rally
  • Ohio Bike Week Sandusky,Ohio
  • Newport Motorcycle Rally
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For more info―call Danno, at  (513) 405-2835

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  Evening Illusions  
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  We supply only quality automotive & motorcycle lighting
(these LEDs are good for quadrunners, golf carts, dirt-track cars, trucks, monster trucks, semi-trailer trucks, tour buses, boats, band wagons etc... etc... anything with a 12V battery)